A Bit About Me.

I’m a Venice, California native but have always felt a pull towards the PNW. After getting a degree in Visual Journalism from Western Washington University, I moved to Seattle, where I currently serve as the Graphics and Design Lead for the King County Public Health Communications team.

Starting with an early obsession with NPR and specifically This American Life, I’ve always loved the way that stories can be collaged together, finding hidden gems in unlikely places that pull a narrative together. As a visual communicator, I piece together graphics, photos, video, motion graphics, words, interactive maps and anything and everything I can get my hands on to make a story come to life.

My work revolves around thinking outside of the box, incorporating as many community voices and perspectives as I can, and creating clean accessible design.

When I’m not working you’ll probably find me trying to get outside, knitting sweaters for all my friends, or hanging out with my very loud cat, Cowboy.

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